Unlock the power of untapped biomedical data

Our industry-leading biomedical language platform gives organizations the keys they need to drive to solutions and results faster than ever before.

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How it works

Transform unstructured biomedical data into contextualized information

Progress is throttled by the inability to find and organize information. ScienceIO decodes the language of biology and structures data to be searched, analyzed, and mined for insights.

Detect and extract over 9 million biomedical terms, clinical variables, and medical codes in text. Capture information on diseases, genes, mutations, medical procedures, devices, and more.

Link complex information that you need to make data actionable, like dosages for drugs, biomarker levels, mutation status.

Connect biomedical concepts to perform powerful queries, like finding genes that are potential drug targets in specific disease settings from a simple search.

ScienceIO is leading the way with the most advanced biomedical language platform

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Industrial-grade data

Our machine learning platform is built on a foundation of 500 million training data points, over 5 orders of magnitude larger than research-grade.

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Unprecedented fidelity

Extract 9 million biomedical concepts and link to 20+ industry-standard ontologies, including UMLS, SNOMED, ICD-10, RxNorm, MeSH, and more.

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Accelerated curation and extraction

Curate hundreds of millions of documents in a fraction of the time a team of expert curators can.

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Use cases

See the possibilities of ScienceIO’s technology within your organization

Capture millions of concepts with full context, understand what’s in your data, visualize trends, and dissect patterns. Our language platform can understand many different domains of biomedical information, spanning biochemistry, genetics, personalized medicine, clinical care, commercial operations, and more. How will you use it?

  • Analyze clinical trial records and protocols to understand trial recruitment strategies
  • Extract data from electronic health records for segmentation and outcomes analyses
  • Search and monitor new inventions in patent databases
  • Map the competitive landscape of novel vaccine development
  • Track scientific, clinical, and commercial development of therapeutics

We work across the healthcare ecosystem

Drug development
Clinical trials
Real world evidence
Commercial strategy
Patient care
“ScienceIO’s ability to weave and interconnect data across silos is unprecedented and has the potential to bring about transformative change, both at the system level and ultimately in individual health outcomes.”
Michael Pellini, MD Former CEO & Chairman, Foundation Medicine, Inc.

How to work with us

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Our flexible API can integrate into your infrastructure and custom-fit as you need it.

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Our apps can help your team get the information and results you need faster. No coding required.

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Have a burning need but not sure what the best fit is? Work with our experts to find the right solution and unlock the power of your data.

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