Digital Health

Digital Health

Digital health is the main care solution for millions of patients. To provide better care, companies seek insights within patient messages. For deep analysis of patient status and risk in minutes, they use ScienceIO.

The future of healthcare is online

Digital health & telemedicine have seen explosive growth in recent years. In 2021, 38 times more telemedicine claims were made, compared to 2020 [McKinsey]. More than 1/3 of adults in the United States received telemedicine care in 2020-2021 [CDC]. Telemedicine is now a key component of healthcare — thanks to necessity, reimbursement incentives, and increased appetite from patients and providers.

In turn, patients talk more to their care providers on digital platforms than ever before. Patients no longer find it necessary to spend hours in a waiting room to self-report their symptoms, medical history, and side effects. Instead, patients message their physicians from the comfort of their phones. They log side effects, ask questions, and voice concerns as they happen in real-time.

As a result, insight into patient history & health is increasingly in messages on digital health platforms, not just from an EMR.

The rapid adoption of telemedicine creates a unique challenge for companies who want to provide improved care experiences for their patients and better workflows for clinicians — how does one understand their patients and their care needs at scale?

ScienceIO: clinical intelligence is an API call away

Enter ScienceIO: our industry-leading AI platform reads through medical notes and transforms them into data that is ready to be searched, analyzed, and mined for insights. We capture more than 9 million unique healthcare terms — spanning medical conditions, medications, procedures, biomarkers, and more. We’ve optimized our platform for cloud-native telemedicine companies and provide access through a scalable and secure API. Patient messages can be transformed into usable data in a single line of code.

By translating unstructured messages into intelligent databases, your team can focus on solving business challenges, not infrastructure. Generate, test, and validate hypotheses and gain actionable insights.

How ScienceIO supercharges digital health

A typical telemedicine company helps patients and providers exchange hundreds of thousands of messages per month. These messages contain critical insight into patient status, the care being provided, and potential risks. By learning from these messages, companies can:

  • Anticipate and mitigate patient churn from the platform

  • Anticipate critical interventions based of trends in patient communications

  • Improve physician and patient experience to provide better care

ScienceIO can help answer business critical questions fast and simply. Some of the solutions that our platform capabilities enable are:

  • Finding trends in messages for business intelligence:

    combine the clinical observations found by our platform with timestamp data from messages to see a longitudinal history of patient status and unearth hidden signals across populations.

  • Identifying medication side-effects:

    streamline required reporting of medication side effects to regulatory authorities by automatically detecting drug-symptom relationships.

  • Triaging patient messages:

    use clinical observations from ScienceIO’s platform to flag patients based on key criteria, such as flagging those who are at-risk (for example, self-harm thoughts and panic attacks) or belonging to a cohort of interest.

  • Personalized Services for Cohorts

    - define specific cohorts using ScienceIO’s API so that specialized care can be provided to targeted patients, therefore leading to more efficient care delivery and increased effectiveness as measured in care outcomes.

  • Enrich patient profiles:

    Patient messages may contain answers to questions that were not filled out in intake forms and are collected over time, such as medications, self-reported symptoms,and measurements.

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